Mobile CIP set

Together with Denwel, we have developed a range of standardised fully automatic CIP set for the craft industry. 

Denwel is better known for their fully automatic carbonators, DAL columns and CIP sets, but they also have a craft range. This 2 vessel mobile system is their great value CIP solution for growing breweries, and is available in several sizes.  

With our 2 vessel manual CIP set you are able to:

  • Set and automatically control the temperature of the detergent with both in-tank and inline heating systems;

  • Clean vessels that are under pressure;

  • Switch between rinse and detergent tanks without having to disconnect the hoses;

  • See the cleaning fluid using the sight glass; - Use the sample valves to determine detergent strength;

  • Dose detergent at a safe working height.

As with all Denwel systems, the use of high quality European mechanical components means that your system will be long life and spares will be easy to get. To talk over our CIP set and other brewing, beverage and packaging equipment please get in touch with Ambro Systems on:

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