Hot filling into pet and glass

CFT’s range of hot fill bottle fillers ensures constant filling temperature and accuracy, guaranteed by programmable flow rates to handle foamy and more difficult products.

Separate filling of liquid with piston dosing of pulp / sacs ensures gentle treatment of your product. Fully configurable pre-evacuation cycles and a separate air return for evacuated air ensure that the great quality of your product is preserved.

Hot Filler For Juices.jpg

At A Glance:

Bottle Types:

  • PET

  • Glass

Speeds Available:

  • Machines available from 24 to 100 valves

  • Speed: from 5,000 to 72,000 bottles/hour


  • Add multiple capping turrets

  • Add piston dosing for sacs or pulp

Product Applications Include:

  • Still drinks

  • Wellness drinks

  • Vitamin waters

  • Fruit and vegetable juices

  • Fruit cocktails and RTD

  • Ice tea

  • Isotonic drinks

  • Sports and energy drinks


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