the ideal brewhouse for growing your brewery

The CFT First Brew is CFT Group’s european manufactured, steam powered brewhouse to help breweries scale up to 30,000 hl per year. 

CFT Brewpub Brewery First Brew.jpg

At A Glance:


  • Footprint of only 20 sqm

cost effective:

  • Designed to make most efficient use of functional components

  • Pre-piped design minimises installation cost and time

modular and versatile:

  • Available in 10hl and 20hl brewlengths 

  • Configurable to suit your needs 

  • Automation of recipes means that you can brew any style of beer

Ease of installation and use:

  • Fully automatic 

  • Pre assembled for fast 'plug and play' installation

Scaleable by design:

  • 3 brews cast out in 14 hours

  • 6 brews cast out in 24 hours

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