Can tooling

Changing Your Can Ends?

Now that B64 and Super End lids are becoming unavailable, a lot of can line owners are making the change to ISE or CDL ends. The change parts, called ‘tooling’, can be bought from specialist manufacturers, which we can recommend. 

However as with many packaging specialists they are mainly located in Italy. This means that they do not often offer fitting as a service, or that is very expensive. Seamers operate on a very low margin of error, so it is vital that you have an experienced person fitting your new tooling. . 

Last week our Service Manager, Jonathan Hellowell, headed to South East Bottling in Broadstairs to change their tooling from B64 to ISE. This entire process took half a day for fitting and adjustment, and half a day for supervising the machine to ensure that it was running smoothly.

After each visit, Jon writes up a report which customers like SEB keep on file for their supplier and customer audits and as a point of reference for future adjustments if necessary. 


If you need your can seamer serviced, tooling changed or would like to see a sample report to find out how we can help your business, please get in touch with us: